Sunday, April 11, 2010

bring on the funk

so. still not out of my slump, but trying. working. just finished the big fundraiser late late last night for my kid's school which entailed lots of little bits of work and the wrap up of a babyquilt that sold at the auction for a hundred fifty big ones. how rockin' is that? so, along with sumppumps and handsaws, i've gotten shit done.
the yard is pretty much cleared out but for a pile of brush and i'm still in my same mood. never took the st. john's more than once because i've got the memory of a goldfish. i've never been on the pill for that same reason, i know myself too well... i'd never ever remember to take it and so what the hell is the point?
i'm trying to set up babysitting in house for the next week of spring break, and i am going to rip the bathroom floor out and put in a new sink and new toilet. my highschool friend josh will help me as he has all the know-how and i've got all the destructive desires.... if it all works out with babysitting and so on, it'll be really fantastic to get that all fixed up and to get my hands significantly banged up. I think i could have a real future in demo.
again, or, firstly, i apologize for the lameness of the post, just had to fling a lifeline. grappling hook style.
i've switched strategies and have begun praying for other people, rather than myself, and but for momentary glimpses of light, its moving very slowly on the uplift. hm.
swing it babies. grappling hook AWAY...


Jen said...

Oh to destroy something, I have been known to privately throw things. Just let it whip. A demolition is absolutely necessary. Bring on the sledgehammer. Rip up the floor. Throw a sink out the window or a toilet. Just get angry. I love a good remodel. Hopefully Josh won't freak out? Take pictures though. Especially of Josh's face. The sheer terror, it will be great for a good laugh. Does Josh have a family? Does he really understand?

Viv said...

Baby-sitting over Spring Break? That is sheer brilliance. Wish I'd have thought of it.