Monday, April 12, 2010

get Grammie on the phone, please.

I've been thinking loads about my grandmother lately. I think, last year at this time, she was going through a whole big transition, lots of nursing home crud and everyone upset at her deterioration but blahblah, a whole lot of upheaval and change.
Anyhow, I've been thinking about her in very personal, conversational sort of way. As in, in her life, she experienced many of the same things as I am right now with many differences and many exclusions. She did not have to cart the kids all around, it was just not part of her job description, and I'm not even sure she drove when they were young, actually. She had a whole lot more kids than I do, six... and a whole lot more work to do in the house, bread, laundry, dinner, etc... being wholly without the 'conveniences' of washing machines, bread machines, convenience marts... :) that last one was mostly a joke, although my kids ate tater tots and strawberries for lunch yesterday... mmm good.
I wonder how she did it, how she sustained herself throughout the years she was workerbee for the family. She didn't particularly like her husband, as far as I understand, but they were married for long time and she never thought about doing such a thing again, after he died. He died pretty young, in his early fifties.
I have so many questions for her, the conversations in my mind are fairly satisfying believe it or not, but I have so SO many questions, I can't even fit them all into my dreamlife, I'd like her help. . . wish i could call her, thats all.
boy, would she be wacked out to hear these questions. would she ever. she'd probably tell me to go do something, get busy, stop perseverating on my own thoughts. . .
oh well.


Viv said...

My grandmother lives just down the street, and she had 8 children. We aren't very 'close' per se, but, she is always my anchor. When the shit really hits the fan, she swoops in with all of her calm and experience, and helps me get back on my feet. Then again, that might be the best kind of close. :)

Still Life With Coffee said...

I love talking to older women. There lives really were so different than ours (and in some ways, really the same). I don't have a grandmother to chat with, but I try to chat with all the grandmotherly types I meet. Valuable resources they are.