Saturday, April 24, 2010

the world is too much with us

i could weep for how big and self-sufficient my older boy is becoming. this same tantrum-er, whiner, all-around troublemaker is just the sweetest lovebug that there ever has been. All you have to do to make him happy is give him everything that he requests, no matter how absurd. easy!
:) and while it is funny, it is true. and he is amazing. and big, and strong, and sweet, and so damn funny/goofy, its just a crackup.
four is something of a doozy, i have learned. its just now, as i am about two months from five, that i am realizing what a crock it was. the fluency of language matched with an astoundingly appropriate immaturity is just an earthquake-a-day experience.
and hell's bells, i have missed my kids while i was stuck in the bathroom, i have.
and at the same time, i'm slightly forlorn to be back in the saddle again. the bathroom isn't finished, a hundred things were slightly 'off' but i'm sure I'll be moving back home tomorrow. . . 'sure' being a slight exaggeration. josh has taken his family to my house and they are fixing it up as we speak. ? . hm. i am full of hope and gratitude for the week i have had, and fairly confused about the still swinging pendulum of my emotions about it. i have learned a lot, much of it general, some specific. i cut drywall, used a drill and a planer... drilled, hung, caulked... singlehandedly kept a mcdonald's open, and seriously helped the bottomline at home depot. one day, i went there three times. oh yes, i did.
see you soon , with a photo... once the plumbing is plumbed and i can move my family back home.


Still Life With Coffee said...

yay for plumbing happening soon and yay for boys who are just about five.
Bathrooms it seems are never quite finished enough and little boys are always quite wonderful enough.

Jen said...

okay boys. really boys. they are lovely and annoying all at the same time. Mine work me on an emotional level daily, constantly, continuously. from breakfast to dinner. in fact youngest is complaining of "hurt feet" wft does that mean? probably that he wants ice cream of something. honestly. boys work their mamas. it's just cruel. and then girls get all menstrual. can't wait to see photos of your remodel. so pleased that you haven't totally lost your shit. i would have by now!