Monday, April 26, 2010

walk in fields of gold

don't you want to? walk in a field of gold? my favorite ever kids song is 'america the beautiful'... and i know, i know, we all have our ridiculous fear of crazypatriotism/indoctrinization/obsessive scary people who say that is THEIR favorite song, but really, i cry every time i hear it ... amber waves of grain? purple mountain's majesty? c'mon! and ho-ah, its better than 'i'm proud to be an americaaaaan, cuz at least i know i'm free.... '. . .
we are a beautiful country, full of wild majesty... and i've never seen 98%of it. and i know you, intrepid travelers, have seen more, but i bet you haven't gotten better than 30% seen... i just bet.
i'm in some sort of mood these days. not a good one. still functioning, using a working bathroom, feeding children just barely, plopping them in front of movies during the day!@#
i wonder if the peace corps will take mothers running from their responsibilities? i think two years might just do it.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Ummm... yes, they do. I know. There were some in my group doing just that. :-)

Jen said...

Okay, I am singing the Sting song now. Which happens to be one of my favs. Bathroom? good? so glad. Don't leave for 2 years, start with 3 days. It did this girl wonders. And, if you ain't seen Utah, you ain't seen nothin'. said in my best lame ass Utah accent. We will host you. Like some youth hostile. I make a mean 7 and 7 and Mr. Handsome is a great cook. My kids will look at you curiously and then ask if you want to play Wii. It's like a spa but different.

urban craft said...

I have always thought about peach corps too! Then I kinda wondered about what would happen to my bank account. It's a stupid way to think, I am trying to change it.
I say take the offer for the Utah Wii spa in the meantime!