Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Deaf's Door.

hee hayah. miss piggy yell. hi ... yah...
the loaner hearing aide is giving me pain, as I said. and now there is black stuff coming out of my ear. Mothers, Fathers, I am 36 years old so hold your judgements at bay for the next statement. I found said black stuff on a Q!tip. I am 36, not 4. so i can use them.
HubsJ, the doc, says black stuff is not made by the body and so it must be from the aide itself. right?!...what?! (no pun intended, but noticed, and appreciated)
Anyhow, and So, until Monday when I pick up my repaired digitalia, i am deaf. (mostly, not to be confused with Deaf, culturally).
It is a challenge and I am sure that I will cry multiple times before Monday. But HubsJ and the kids are off to a circus on Saturday and I can't go as I am preparing to work at the fundraiser for the nursery school which is that night... the hours do not mesh. And it will be good to hear less of what goes on there, most likely...I made a quilt that i will bid on myself because it gives me a warm and loving feeling. really, it does. I do have pictures so maybe i'll fit them in here somehow. ah.

     so the crying will happen in peace and quiet. :) the difference keeping me from hysteria and suicide ideation is that if facetoface and important? I CAN hear. I CAN. and that is a pretty big fucking difference, and makes humor very possible and even enjoyable.  black stuff aside.



Nancy said...

So...hear's (intentional misspelling) the question... in order to put your whole self you have to be whole? I don't think so...I think I like your approach to this fun-raiser...just sayin'.

Kate Hall said...

isn't it the wholes that make it rise?
intentional, as well... :)