Thursday, March 15, 2012


Seriously? - my kids have both taken that question to new and dizzyingly high heights lately. I hear it all the time, ALL the time... My every action is taken to new and doubtful extremes.  Seriously, Mom, you're going to the grocery store? Seriously? 
Seriously, its quiet time?! seriously?
From the six year old, its not so funny, as I am clearly doing things that are utterly absurd. the scorn, oh the scorn.  From the four year old, it is hysterical, because it is applied so willy-nilly to everyday situations.  Seriously? apple juice? seriously?

who is that challenge for anyhow? God? Seriously?

Today marks Day 10 of sickness in the house.  SERIOUSLY?! The youngest is down with a fever for the third straight day, low grade, nothing worrisome, but more of the irksome sort.  If its not a raging battle for healthy body, why this low level infection... why isn't it clearing itself out?  On the plus side, he is napping for the first time in two years, which is a very significant plus.  Today, for instance, I have showered.. .and believe me, it was a desperate need.  I think it has been at least a week. at least. 
and I am radically out of touch.  I haven't seen any adults, except those related by marriage or blood, and I have managed to infect all of those.  Its like 28 Days, only we have the look of zombies now, at the start, without the blood eating aspects, of course. 

Soon, I will have space to think again, I can feel it coming.  I get to go to therapy with ChakraCarol next week, so it dangles out there that I might even be challenged at some point soon.  Its not that mothering the sick is easy, it certainly IS a challenge, but it is one for which I have become imminently suited, which I can do under the most disgusting of conditions...  it is good to have a challenge of the emotions, a challenge of the intellect, a challenge of the body... to pick up, to put down...
I have about 10 more minutes of nap, I am going to cut some fabric.  or maybe make some tea, we'll see what happens when I get my butt off the chair.

wish us health.  i'll do the same for you.