Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am alive and have one clean towel left.

After four days of being home with the two boys, after two days of the entire parental unit being almost undone by their own illness... after one day of the Motha being on the floor or crawling for most of the day, after one day of HubsJ pulling through his own tough day to come home to care, and one day of HubsJ staying home entirely to care.... this is the largest clear space left in the house.                                             Today the sun rises.  The 6 could have gone back to school today but started to quibble and its just too vague, his health and my tolerance for whining and so I kept him home. . . tomorrow is a half day so he'll make it through a short day and be ready to return fulltime on Monday, when life will begin again.  I swear, it will. 
In the photo is the sunlight and the flower showing itself is the largest detail in the field, and I like it alot... this peak of pretty in the midst of so much masculine.  You can almost forget the toys, and I like to do that fairly frequently, and especially today. We are setup for growth, for spring, over here.  We have been purged and we look forward to the replenishing...
Happy Easter, anyone? have i missed it? oye.


MotherOfGooses said...

growth is good. it is almost spring...the seeds are ready for sprouting out of the dirt!