Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lenten shadows

I'm all done with my work for the day. its 9:17 am.... I have plugged my youngest into a MickeyMouse whorehouse on the television already, done my tea, done my sewing for the day.  The large gaping maw of the day is before me. 
Lent has become a really lovely time for me in the past few years. It is the beginning of the muddy spring of growth and the interchange of winter for spring is always dramatic, chilly, wet, warm, wild and windy and its just remarkable to be able to choose to go out in it or stay in from it and watch it from a space of vaguely nordic pleasure.  Do you know that feeling? the distance from the heart of things while being utterly immersed in the beauty of it all? minimal wildness?
I break from facebook and friends and the gossip of it all, and it gives me 'maw' days aplenty.. and I never know what it was I found there in the first place. 

For my 'complaining', I like the wideopen pendulous day, for its mystery, for its deepening shadows, the possibility that is still ripe and waiting.  Sometimes I read Biblical Scripture, sometimes a novel, sometimes I journal and pick up a card to ponder.  Occasionally I forget that there is a child in the house, because I am so engaged with my own self.  and that? miraculous.

ah. welcome to my day.


Viv said...

I would love to forget that I am not really alone. I'll let you know if it evers happens.

Kate Hall said...

dude. i only have two kids, one at home. you have, i believe... SEVEN. it'll be a long long time for you. LONG.