Tuesday, April 3, 2012


lucky strikes. lucky number 7. lucky to be able to read, as most of the people on the highway with me this morning, clearly cannot.  'the lanes to the left are closed.' why so so many moving to the left? hm? the longest trip to the bank ever. lucky to have something to do with a bank that doesn't involve chagrin or despair.  lucky to be home, lucky to have a dishwasher which will in eventual passage of time do its work to clean the messes of the dinners I have been lucky to eat or make in these past days. Lucky to have a television raising my son, because I find myself awash in emotional whackadoodleness and I do actually believe that The Wiggles might do a better job today. Lucky to be able to sometimes access my sense of humor and watch how it saves the day.  Lucky to have two boy children, alive and well today.  Lucky to be such a good lip reader.  Lucky to have Doritos in the bowl next to me right now, although my innards might tell you its not the good type of luck. Lucky to have a good Husband.  Lucky to be getting better at being a solo Jane, in this new town and in this stage of my life.  Lucky I'm not Demi Moore in G.I. Jane because that would have sucked. Lucky it is Spring.  Lucky I woke up breathing, although I guess that really is the only way.  Lucky to have a freeflow of desires, that come and go and do not make me unhappy but enable me to ride the waves of possibilities.  Lucky that Summer and Fall will come again too, because I love them all but long and pine for the Fall when it is not here.  Lucky I live where I do because the Fall is like a tangible wearable Coat of Many Colors.  Lucky to have a beach I can go to with ease.  Lucky there is still always a sky to look to.  Lucky I found a pen when I wanted one this morning. There is so much. and my luck is my thanks and my gratitudes.  So Lucky.


amyontheroad said...

Bonus points for a Dolly reference!

MotherOfGooses said...

you really covered a lot of ground here! funny how some luck can feel luckier than other forms of luck and some luck is lucky only in certain situations ; ). I'm all for the wiggles raising my kids. that really is lucky, just like I feel lucky when pbs kids is on and not the news.

Kate Hall said...

oh, Amy, I am so un-hip, I don't even know where and what the Dolly reference could be. shoot man. Can't believe I admitted it, either.
MoG, we love us some pbskids here. the kids are trying to grow out of it but I am locking it down... :)