Wednesday, January 9, 2013

today, bones.

today i am feeling my bones. existing here, as a set of bones with breasts, heavy with milk and ponderous in their attachment to such thin calculus.

and it is odd, this cold feeling of clacket, because it parallels such a productive day... laundry, painting! for process, for color, not for utility at all!!, sorting of my own spaces, a clean bureau top! for me! for me! i have written, i have called chakra carol, i have inched towards what will be a 'style' of my own, i have put on a bracelet for unneccesary adornment... it is new, this productivity and work- and i have filled a bag to lighten the load of this house, with giveaways. . . i have nursed a child, i have sent one to his grandmother's for cookie-making, and i have readied another for the bus. i have sat in meditation and been amazed when the timer has chimed. amazed to have it speed so by.  i have hung artwork. !!

and still my cheeks are cold with their fleshlessness, and it is bones for me today, just bones.
some days are like this.


MotherOfGooses said...

Somedays they are. But man, those bones sure have been busy!

Hanging artwork!?! wow! you are on fire!