Monday, August 11, 2014


I mentioned to my brother in law a curiousity that i had about the name of a website.  within 20 hours, i had a website and a twitter account.  this is a good thing.  but a little bit foreign.  and the learning curve is wickedly steep.
i am totally whacked out and nervous. ( this has no relationship to actual events, this is entirely internallydrivencomplextypestuff.)
i have to spend some time thinking about how to use a website to build a community.  can a website do this?  this town is crazy, yes, but lovely, more so.  how do i get the elderly to attend the highschool sports? will this even change things, is it a worthwhile thing to attempt? how do i get churches to start preaching the value of setting down roots, putting up your money to support what is good and right to grow and sustain a community? 
do you see how deeply my manipulation runs? 
how do i make a priest tell his population that higher taxes are the way to go? is that even true?
how do i get wealthy, summervisiting people to drop their wads on the people who live here ALL the time?

and really, do i want to do any of that at all?

what do you want to see when you look online at your town? huh?  geez.  i can't truly believe that anything of real import for a community can really be on-line in the first place.  i think i may be dealing with some issues this week.  heh.

i am betwixt and between some weighty things, and grief still rides daily...

i want to channel jack black, in school of rock... and live hardcore...  dye my hair and shake my stuff for good and for detachment...

bigger garden, more animals, more isolation, less isolation,  beaches, hermitage, off the grids, live from the waldorf, much... and less.
i have utterly given up the idea of homeschooling and i'm cool with that, but public education has its pits and follies and the lurking schoolyear is in the air already, and i'm not so cool with that. - although the possibility of a quiet home does not disgust.


MotherOfGooses said...

channelling jack black in school of rock is never a mistake!

Jen said...

I would follow and listen.... and attend football games. You got this.