Monday, August 18, 2014

Water Day...

This is what an old and beautiful rowboat can get you in this town.  I am most assuredly a landlubber, my most wonderful moments are pulling BACK into dryland and pulling boats OUT of the water.  But i married into a family for whom boats and travel in boats are a part of life in the summertime and a source of comfort all through the wintertime, so I am working on adjusting.  Its been about ten years and I'm still working on it.  I think the addition of kids into the mix has not settled my nerves.  Today I foisted the littlest off on my mom, she loves it and the littlest is not happy with a lifejacket on which makes EVERYONE very uncomfortable.  (imagine screaming, trying to crawl out of it, whilst being afloat in a boat?hmm)

My hubsJ, his dad, his sister, my two boys and a niece, all set out for a little row, canoe, kayak to a magical mystical island that they've named 'mushroom island' in the middle of the river here. There are moss-covered paths, jungley trees, a picnic table clearing, and a vision of several nests of osprey.  It really is astonishing.

And when its over, I like to have a cigarette and some land-based time to recover. (yes, cigarette. no, pride.)  I am proud of myself, however, that my kids are getting this, and that the nervous energy that I have has not entirely been passed onto them. My eldest has some of it, but as long as he gets enough time with his dad, most of it is eased in the reckless abandon to the joy of life and experience.  The eldest kayaked solo to the island and was beyond the beyond in his pride.  The six year old controlled the tiller on the rowboat and his crooked path of genious made for a relaxed ride, though perhaps a little bit longer than completely necessary.

It is good that my ying has its yang in their father.  so good.