Thursday, August 7, 2014

Late Night Visitors.

not raccoons or foxes, but peoples... late night... we call them the church people. they are nice and kind and all that jazz, which i 'have to' say first because when i tell you they live in 'community', people get all freaked out.  it must be something American, the shocking fear that community really means the stripping of individual power.   veeeery deep-seeded... the women wear long clothing, loose pants with tunics and long hair. the boys have ponytails all trimmed, all the time.  they don't have a doctor in their community right now, so they use hubsJ.  they do most of their own treatments, as they are very good at herbalism and healthy living.. but at the occasional infection or oddity, they will be our late night visitors.  They are so very friendly, really, and they never push their ideology, at all, as far as i have seen.  we've been to some of their homes, we've seen the baby goats, we've eaten their very tasty food.  at one point, they did have their own doctor, and that man is the connection to hubsJ... his wife was the wonderful Martha, of the five babies and the no toys and the capoeira dancing in the kitchen... at this point, i have made her a deity of womanhood... and the best lasagna maker ever. ever.  makes me want to cry to think i ate it up so fast.... she was so shocked when i opened the door to the house so soon after the 2nd baby was born.  she wanted me at rest for the full 40 days.  part of this expectation is realistic and possible when you live in community and there are 10 other women who can answer the door.  in my case, no such situation.  (and she moved to brazil. and she was beautiful too. beautiful.)

last night's visitors were Ken and friend J.  they had to wait as we weren't home, but were out to dinner. So ken played ball and pumped up the balls that weren't any good so the boys could play... then sought treatment for J, and measured the back of the house so they could put a bulkhead in/on. besides all the communal living and cooking, the men of the community run a construction company.  and since hubsJ takes no payment, they are bulkheading in trade.

I don't know what to make of it all.. but I do miss some Martha, and I will be happy to take a bulkhead and think more about what makes a community so much more wonderful than scary... but this is a seasonal regularity for us, here in the balmy southcoast... a day of heat and swimming in the neighbors pool to relieve the sudden screaming overheated ones... and yesterday it was me.  
my brain is on a constant loop of grief, anger, regular, grief, anger, regular... so much so that my regular is getting a little pinched. . . i can't seem to get good sleep, but have to tell you our tomatoes are about to burst into red... and that regular is pretty dang fab.  tomatoes for breakfast, kids?!


Unknown said...

Will my first post work? Stick? Compliment, compliment, publish... No more a quiet reader. Bravo sister

Kate Hall said...

yay ANNE!!