Monday, April 5, 2010

argh...and I love my job. no, i really don't. nope.

i'll have you know that the current running joke in my family is that my backyard looks like the backdrop for a 'Cops' episode.
I have reached saturation. I am completely stalled and can't pick up or wipe off ONE MORE THING.
thats right.
The puking of the four year old stopped on Saturday and the fever lingered through Sunday and egghunting proceeded. we rocked those eggs. small E. ran wild, shoveling sand and jellybeans into his mouth with seeming indifference. But believe me, he has 'candy?' downpat.
So. the backyard has also been wildly abandoned and I have moved on to sorting the thousand pounds of babyclothing that got wet. And I have reached the conclusion that today is not the day to figure out why I can't give any of it away. I really can't. Its like the dirty call of the candy in the cupboard. that dirty whore who tempts me into the crack den... I just can't make myself resist. The little onesie with the duck wearing a sleeping cap? keeping it.
The jumper with the green dinosaur that both my boys wore when they were 6 months old? still in its box, clean and folded.
keeping em.
the basement will soon be completely filled with my neuroses, and there is literally, nothing I can do. I'm lying on the floor in the crack den, happy as a clam.


Viv said...

I have my daughter's baby clothes and I keep trying to wash them, and pass them on, for a friend's new baby...and I cannot do it. Every time I try to convince myself to move on, I grab those little garments and snuggle them trying to picture my tiny baby still in them. I'm lame like that.

Jen said...

Is it weird that I bought travel-size Baby Magic baby soap in the original scent to keep forever. Too sniff on occasion to remind me of when my children were babies. I have it hidden under my sink in the bathroom. My own little crack den! I think you are perfectly normal at least in my crazy little world!

Amanda said...

Ha! The minute you give them away you get preggers, so you might as well keep them if for no other reason than as birth control.