Friday, January 27, 2012

Camera gone AWOL, amongst other things...

IT is pouring here, as in, have to turn the lights on to light the way... going to share my list of things done today, if only to prove to myself that I have, inf act done something in the past 40 hours.

1. Made cookies, with oatmeal, chocolate chips and cherries.  so good, i had to talk myself down from eating them all. really, i did. I was making them for an event at the Meetinghouse this weekend, so I really had to conserve and send them away, and I debated that. aloud, in the kitchen, alone.

2. Was reminded of this, because I shared about the cookies on facebook, verbally...  a whole post I have absolutely no memory of writing. yep. i do remember the comments, back in the day when I had comments. ehem.

3. Candyland. I lost everytime. my kids are cheaters.

4. Made copies of birth certificates for T-ball signups.  both boys, same team, same schedules, all day all night, i dream about sports. . . oh my good Lord, please get me to enjoy the sports. please. it is a long hard road I find before me if I do not enjoy the sports. 

5. Made bread, kids no eat dis stuff.

6. Laundry. folded and everything.

7. Moved chairs around in the unfinished pile of books room. Threw purple cloth in the FengShui Says spot of Abundance, because FengSHuiSays I should.

8. Made two blocks for a Quiliting Block Bee thing that I am doing with MamaMama ... in which we use up our gigantic crapstashes of fabric in hopes of making something of our dreams.  oh, dream away... I love having myself get all busy busy in the fabric. do love that.

9. Tidied. Washed Dishes. Laundry. oh, man.

10. Confirmed with the babysitter that she is, in fact, going to show up for 7 hours tomorrow.  SEVEN.

11.  Printed out a fabricated essay from a moshup of posts, which I now have to make funny and edit until it looks like something entirely different but still retains the same voice which is unfortunately, mine.

12. Realized I don't like the number 11 and so refuse to stop there. . .

thats what I'm talking about. 
40 hours? that includes a crap night sleep... sheesh. I'm not thinking I'm very busy busy these days. what the hell have I been doing?