Monday, January 9, 2012

SO, what about it?

The connections? If we're all one and all connected in the same intergalactic glowwaterpoolnet... then what? I'm responsible for my actions and yours and my history, and yours... and so are you.  and it seems too much to bear, sometimes.... that the 'toddlers and tiaras' moms are my job. I believe that the kids are so resilient that they'll make it out just fine.  I mean, there are NOT 42 million 'pageant girls' running around chugging pixie sticks, right? So, I worry for the stress levels of a mom who is obsessed and wonder what is is that drives the obsession, again.  There certainly are a lot of obsessions out there, drugs, drink, wine at five to get through the night, bigger, more, faster; connection has been replaced by a constancy of contact which we are all exhausted by... although different names for the exhaustion abound. 

so many people are seeking more contentment, more simplicity, more joy, more space... it seems a lot 'more' in the end. maybe its less we should be seeking, and by seeking we may not find 'less'... maybe we should just cease all the seeking and just start keeping our eyes open...sometimes at least...

-this post is one of the reasons I didn't do very well in college-level philosophy classes, saying little in a too-large space... and making the reader suffer in the meantime...

my apologies...