Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Its 9:18 PM, Do you know where your children are?

One of mine is sleeping. the one who has to get up earliest, so there is that... there is a four year old bounding around upstairs and I am overwhelmingly done with him so I am down here hiding while his father tries to handle it all.  I can hear him, and that is something... what with my psychotic ears and all. I don't suppose psychotic is really the right word but can't really get a handle on my word choice in a quick enough fashion to satisfy my sense of alacrity of type.
if that be a phrase at all.
+No word on the writing/editing thing. Maybe I dreamed it. ?
+Saw Chakra Carol today, the reiki, cranial sacral, talk therapist I most treasure.  We talked, I realized things.  Fabu. I am in fact, changed, you know.  its true. I'm not what I was three years ago, and I am glad of it.  Rock my chakras, if you can. I also got to practice Reiki on her... come on, that is just nuts. It felt great. I love to touch my friends, man...
+Started the menstruation so the crazy is calming, thought you should know.
+Looking into Feng Shui because I have a wicked lot of time on my hands, what with the no-friends and all.
+Using plus signs as bullet points because I don't know what else to do while avoiding the never-ending bedtime routine going on upstairs. Now it is later that 9:18. Do I have to change my really catchy post title?
Do I ?


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I'll come visit with my two "friends!" They love to test the theories of feng shui!