Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rock and Roll

I'm up at five this morning, thought I'd spring into some yoga and the kids and hubsJ would find me all sweaty and blessedly smug upon their rising.  but I couldn't find the video, made myself a cup of tea and sat down to browse pinterest and fabric stores online.  It was just as good, I tell you but no sweat and no real smugness... and as for the smugness, ask me why i'm completely hysterical at 4:30 pm and i'll point through the fog of the day to this lovely lightening time.... ah...
Its supposed to snow this afternoon and into the morning of tomorrow, a second big snow of the winter, if it happens.  I do love the snow, so I hope it comes...
I'm quilting/piecing blocks a lot lately and I am so thrilled to be doing it and eventually, once i take my dvd lessons on how to use my new camera, I'll even show some of my work.  This is a great camera, but one of those things in the world which drive me insane.  I spent a large chunk of change, even with its sale price, waited, went to pick up the thing... whippeeee... so happy... dreams of photo logs, documentation of beauty and playthings! dreams!! ..and then needed to go back after dinner to buy a memory card to make it work.  Why in the world would you spend such change on an object that is not even functional without yet another piece?  Why do they do that? Why is it allowed?  Why do we stand for it?
oh, the man, the man.  and the waste we allow as well.  In order to get back out of the house, I took (along with HubsJ) the boys to a new burger joint which is not a fastfood mecca but is pretty good for burgers and fries only... and couldn't handle the waste! holy smokes.. each person got 52 paper napkins.  a sandwich wrapped in tinfoil, a cup of fries and cups for drinks... all in a paper bag, staying or taking out... I suppose the fact that there were no plastic was a pretty good one.  (not utensil food, too...) and there weren't anything to do with all that but to throw it in the bin at the end. 
This was after struggling to remove the memory card from its heavyduty plastic case, wrapped in cardboard, the card itself is roughly an inch square... the plastic/cardboard mix was the size of the family photo on the wall at grammies. 
is this whole conservation of resources thing just for damn show? is it just in the documentaries? really?  I feel sort of the fool, my purchasing of used toys, dressing my boys in Salvation Army everythings.... all the damn composting and recycling... there is so much waste out there.  How many times do I see people throwing sodacans in the trash? how many?! 
Am I going to become a Brazilian garbage picker? am i , really?
If I could blend the sexy Brazilian curvaceous body with the 'garbage' picker jobtitle, maybe i would.
well, maybe I need a new dream, that one seems a bit conflicted.  not to mention, sort of laborious, possibly unsanitary, and very very far away.
I need to get local, man.
maybe I need to stay home.  that might not help my social isolation very much though... but i'll certainly be environmentally smug.  and you know how much thats worth.  . . . heh


MotherOfGooses said...

I know. Last night as I lay down holding my son's hand, hoping for sleep, I turned my head and beheld the magazines, books, toys, toy parts, papers, abandoned art projects, capless markers and thises and thats that litter the underside of my daughter's bed and the rest of the floor as well and I felt ill. How could I have let this happen? How could I let so much stuff into this house? Where will it end up once I get up the energy to clean (or facilitate the cleaning) of this room (and the rest of this place... ugh.