Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Alternative planet.

today i am going to make a list of what bugs me, what i 'cannot stand!'  in hope that it can alleviate some of my feelings of aggreivement, if such a thing is a word.  i think it may be simply misspelled, but it may be that i've made it up entirely. so be it. this is the utter opposite of a gratitude list.  dark side, i float on you.

1. raw chicken.  top of the list. horrorshow. flop flop, smear.

2. the way my hand scrabbles for the switch on the bedside lamp, every time... like a panic claw.

3. not recycling . . . hello schools, it matters. hello?

4. feeling so overwhelmed by the issues that plague me that i spend the entire afternoon staring at another issue that plagues me,  screen addiction/there's-nothing-better-to-do illusions...

5. waiting for the garden to be warm enough to plant stuff in.  i might not make it two more weeks.  i'm irrationally mad about it. the option is to plant things knowing that they will freeze and die.  how's them apples?

6. i can't go to the big Town Meeting this Saturday because I am going with my mother to a Funeral Memorial Service of a woman I really liked, who died suddenly right after my dad.. GAAAAAH. 
I am missing my chance to be truly 'famous' in this town in order to focus on what matters in life and death and sorrow, and my heart is hardening further, 'to the pain' ... Princess Bride quotes might help me here... I'll see if I can come up with more.

7. so much beer is shit.  I hate that.  Why can't it be better?

8. I'm sure there is more but I'm going to leave it at that.  because thats how i roll. 
9.  i can't plan my writing, that drives me bonkers.  imagine what i could do with the occasional edit? Imagine?!!


MotherOfGooses said...

I believe in the powers of a good list and this is a good one!

Forever Engaged said...

Aggreivement, hmmm. I don't know, but for you... "You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means..." :)
I love your list!!! I hope it helped.

Danica Bridges-Martin said...

Completely agree with #3, schools have a huge opportunity to help the environment & teach the kids about recycling, yet many don't bother. :( Danica

Kate Hall said...