Monday, April 28, 2014

washer woman

i'm washing clothes and dishes today.  I'm just sort of dithering right now.  boys have gone over to the one neighbor we have's house and I can't see them and don't know what they are doing and the babe is asleep so i am landlocked. dinner's parts are put into order, but no assembly has been done.  i am at a loss, thought about browsing amazon which may possibly mean the universe is dissolving right this very second.  browse the largest online shopping channel?  browse?  my soul and the soul of the world would crumble and perish. 
its been a weird day, waves of despair and futility passing through, grocery trip made, watched 'cowboys and aliens'... thought i'd like to see more of daniel craig's body, confessed to my husband...

it may be the dampness of the air, but the outside is not for me today.  all internal clockworks are clicking along, but i don't quite know what time is being told.
my mom has been really sad lately.  used the word 'unbearable' today.  that is hard to hear.
spring is hard.  and amazingly ludicrous.  and peel your skin off hard.  i don't want more abrasion right now.  my heart aches.

wish the world had more vocal voices for good in it.   there are so many negatives.  i guess they are easier to produce. 
go forth, go forth.
spread some good words. 


MotherOfGooses said...

I can understand not "wanting anymore abrasion now" and spring is full of it, isn't it? Stay warm inside as long as you need to.