Monday, April 14, 2014


i did submit a letter to an editor.  the town firechief saw it and tweeted it.  ( i use the term but don't exactly understand its ramifications, okay? so if i do something wrong with it, just give me a break. ) So someone stopped HubsJ at the ball practice to ask if his wife was Kate and to tell him they liked the letter, because they got the tweet. so, i'm famous. just wanted you to know.  it was a good letter. . . but today, i spent the day indoors on a blustery day because i've realized that all the first responders in the town who were here the day my dad had his heart attack know me.  i knew one of them, andy, because his kid was in my kid's class in preschool.  but there were so many people here... and i can't remember any faces... don't know any names... and now i want to throw up.
there isn't anything wrong with the relationship between first responders and the people they witness, it is a real one, an intimacy that doesn't go away i think.   but i'm just hanging out at home today, and when the paper comes out and all the people who don't twit/tweet/twat get to read it, i'll stay home that day too... except for baseball practice, when i'll force everyone not on a team to stay in the car.


Forever Engaged said...

You can hide. But you'll miss the fruits of your labor! The complements, the people who agree with you or maybe even want to thank you! The people who may have suggestions for you all to start a movement! Congrats on your new found celebrity!