Saturday, April 5, 2014

Stuff I keep wanting to make into facebook statuses, but feel too awkward...

*i'm a yo-yo type evidently, or a pendulum swinger... of the non-libidinous sort... i go back and forth, swing up and down, all around... about bigs and littles, all the time. i love you, i hate you, and then there is all that time in between, when i just don't care.

*stripper shoes are stripper shoes. don't kid yourself.  kim kardashian is a stripper. stop it. it doesn't matter how much 'fun' you think the shoes are... you look like a stripper.  if thats okay, then fine. just own it.

* dark nights of the soul are no damn fun.

*all you negative people are stupid.

* i just hate reality tv. (unless it is clothing related...) why are all the plastic surgeons making everyone look bloated ?  i mean, this is now A LOT of people.. is this a standard of beauty? fishlips?

*moderation is my middle name, and lately i have seen what a loss it has been.

*i have nothing against strippers.

*it seems like the world is seeing a winnowing, and that freaks me out.  so very much.

*conspiracy theorists are really delusional.  right?

*phone etiquette has been completely lost.  i mean you, you and you.

*why does what makes sense to me seem so aggressive and repressive and crazy to others? choice in vaccination? choice in medicine? education which is a class-equalizer? freedom of speech? government which is for and of and by the people and not for and of and by a company?

*i'm incredibly lazy.  i feel it.  you should know it.


MotherOfGooses said...

I love it. all the statuses that go unwritten...

Kate Hall said...

YES. there are so so many more. too much sharing... should i share it? heh. irony there.

Forever Engaged said...

Dang it!!! I wear stripper shoes and I'm ashamed!!! But I usually only wear them on occasions where a stripper would be appropriate.

Kate Hall said...

pbbt. (laughter spit) F.E, you should feel no shame, especially at the luck which gives you stripper-friendly occasions! :)

Jen said...

DO IT PLEASE!!! These are wonderful! My favorite is "All of you negative people are stupid." bahahaha!

Kate Hall said...

Jen/Hivey... glad to see you... can't share, just can't... too many stripper friends who'll get all over me for hating platform stillettos... dangit.