Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Last night... bedtime story and a sentence that ran on...


The bedtime story last night to the three who sleep in my bed with me, almost every night...this is how i remembered it when i jotted it this morning... so forgive the running together of things... was of two very old people living in the old house at the top of the hill, the house falling sloped and apart as they all aged together. They were named Benny, and Julia. And the garden outside the house, left all untended for years. The boys asked how long, i say five years, so it is not 'ancient times' but a recent dissolve... old hairy carrots can still be found. Big and brambly and still necessarily a garden. And the bunnies that lived in the yard, the bunnies. And the bunny who was the leader who spent his time on the porch looking in on them having tea, and wishing for a house of his own. and his name was Harold.

Off he goes down the big wide hill, in search of materials to build the house. He hops hops along the fence, the farther he goes, the more sturdy the materials become and the more he is interested in using them. Along and along and along he hops until the fence becomes more and more intricate and ends with a large and long box, with a single window facing the fence. Inside it he looks, and sees a large unmoving pig. And on his back, he has wings. The bunny hops all around the edges of the box, but the only way in or out seems to be somehow connected to that window. Slowly, tentatively, he begins to try to talk with the pig.

Together they manage to figure out how to free him, and he and the bunny walk and hop their way all along the fence, all along, until finally it starts weakening, its gaps becoming clear... and becoming the fence in its dilapidations that is close to the hill and the garden of the bunnies. At once, the bunny says, ‘pig, pig, pig! What are you doing?! You have wings>!>@’... the pig shuffles and shakes his shoulders and unfurls his wings spreading them wide and white... He takes off directly up, and flies up the hill to land in the garden.

Bunny gets up there finally, and together they look into the house of the people having tea. They decide together that there will be no more house-building, and they live happily ever after in the garden, under the stars and the sky above…