Sunday, May 15, 2016

I admire...

I admire all little girls.  The shy, the heavy, the thin, the loud, the quiet.  But I confess to the largest admiration of all, the strong.  Long, lanky, stocky, sticky... the muscles within and the confidence of body to know that it can do whatever one asks of it.

The surety of the body of these little ones, I am in love.

I chaperoned a school dance for fifth and sixth grade kids this weekend, and I found myself staring at these fawns in the woods of their pre-teen years... They were so graceful, and so unsure, covered with gobs of blue eyeshadow, and shoes that hurt, and sometimes, winter boots and sweat.   It was a menagerie of girlhood, all the stages of awkwardness and grace that exist, were in the woods that night.

The boys are wild boar, rushing about with smiles and glee and little notice of all that goes and grows on around them.

It was just awesome.

And while you would think it would provoke some memory or time of my own, it was sheer delight to watch a new herd of ladies make their way into the world.

this dance had few cryings in the corner, and no slow dances, so the challenge of that growth is still in the future.

There is so much to love and cherish.

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