Monday, December 15, 2008

Birthday Surprise

My youngest is a year old today and its been nice to slowly process , or re-process that birth. As opposed to the first child, his birth was as slow and peaceful as he is now. Peace includes within it of course, four hours of mind-numbing, excruciating labor. Nobody says Peace is boring. do they?
I've had him sleeping in bed with us this whole year and I have to say that I really like it. Its been so much easier to feed him and to try and glean more good minutes of sleep over the course of the year. The 'marital bed' has suffered a bit, but not more than would have been caused by the lack of sleep that happens the first year anyhow. I think it is surprising the way that I've ended up raising the boys these first years. I'm more alternative than I knew, I guess. Or the world is more conservative than I knew... I have a 'family bed', I'm still nursing on demand and I carry the kid everywhere I go... We don't vaccinate, or at least not on AMA schedule and we treat with very little medications... I cloth-diapered when I had laundry machines in my house, exclusively for the first six months of second child's life... Who knew I'd be a renegade? heh. I am certainly glad this year is ending, there has been a lot of upheaval in my family and in my own internal space.. and I don't want to repeat those events or even talk about them today. But my son is a real joy, and I'm glad that I had the second child and second birth, to finally come into my own as loving mother . It definitely has taken me longer than most, or at least more than many. . . but here I am.