Thursday, May 27, 2010

super powered

powerful hot here, yesterday and the day before, wicked..wicked..steamy sultry august sweat weather.... and it is May in new england so i just lay down on the floor and died.. watched a Star Wars marathon with my four year old boy, said to hell with everything, surrendering my entire intentional parenting basket to the lucas gods. . . planted the basil finally so i can have pesto pizza in the fall... and began my all-summer-long fantasy of sweaters and fall nights.

*AND NOW, today is twenty degrees cooler and I have been in a mad rush to do home improvements. . . have painted the door, thrown out one of the porch-living objects that has been there since da floods. . . got the dryer so am attending to the laundry situation, rather happily, i might add. the tv is 'broken' again but i had the kids playing games while the dryer was installed, so i'm not keeping kosher, exactly...
there is simply no way i can explain how incredible our backyard is today. when you walk out the door, you are surrounded by roses, peeking through the branches of the lilacs, the cherry tree, along the pickets of the deck... my god. the smell is just astonishing. astonishing.
and all the muck of yesterdays heat has been rinsed off-
do you think i could make an analogy to seasons and life and land in a hopeful bask? if, in fact, a 'bask' could be the verb i'd like it to be, here.
i'd like it to be, here.