Thursday, February 10, 2011

F word, baby... F.

found my camera.

I'm sort of washed out over here. I'm in a substantively new place than I've been in the past few months, and its taking all my energy to figure out how to call everything. what is my new opinion about X? or Y? or heaven, for heaven's sake? I've gotten stuck in the book of John.  I need to get back to Narnia...
My five year old is completely whacked out. this week i said 'fuck you' to him, followed by 'why the fuck did you just do that?' super, SUPER MOM!! (he threw a stick at my head and broke the 'chandelier' type thing...)
thats me.
and since then, he's said it on his own a few times, caught me doing it again and chastised me appropriately...
shit damn fuck damn shit.
so, these are my last days of being able to cuss in my kitchen with HubsJ... the last days...


Jen said...

Okay, I have totally said "fuck you" to my children. More than once. It's okay. You are okay. It won't be the last time you say it.

Regarding your kitchen, is it the last time you will have this interaction in your kitchen because your house is for sale or because you promise not to have this kind of interaction again?

And finally, let me just say, perhaps you should check out Justin Beiber singing his multi-platinum, inspirational song featuring Jaden Smith, "Never Say Never."

xoxox (you are okay!)

Kate Hall said...

I mean, that i've got to watch my tongue in the same house with the kids, there's no more 'talking above' possible, i can't even spell things out anymore, damnit! :)no beiber, or beaver, as my kids say.. no. ... c sings that song in the car home from school almost every day.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Here's something from another blog I read that I thought you would really appreciate:

And I'll Raise You 5 said...

OK, so I was going to say you have to see a thing I quoted on my blog today...but Mama Mama Quite Contrary did it for me!

Don't worry about the swearing thing. So what if the kids drop an f-bomb somewhere in public? We were super vigilant for awhile, but as the kids grew more numerous, we lost our will to live. I mean not swear.

Also, our first born, who is now 12, is overly offended by swearing now, since we were more vigilant when he was younger, and treats it like a cardinal sin. He's too titillated by swearing now. My younger kids will never suffer from that.