Friday, February 4, 2011

Now, listen here...

I am Not going to post biblical passages every day... so there.
too much typing and a lot of wacky feelings about how people reading are taking it. yes, vanity, of a sorts. 
and too much ego involved in the writing but i haven't figured out yet how to get past myself. working. working.

I spent the naptime on Thursday! yes, a two-kid naptime, snowday #3!! today reading the book of Matthew in my non-highlighted bible version and man, it really is a good read and while i think myself fairly literate, i don't think i've sat and read that all up before. .  .  If we're going to try and be all good in the world, there is a lot of work to be done. huh. I feel like I've heard that before, somewhere. more work?! sheesh.  concentration? focus? eyes wide open? all the time? 

why is there so much fighting if all the smarties run around saying the same things?

Okay, also, today being snowday #4 while they check the roof for ice, presumably keeping the kids all un-crushed, today my friends, today is the third anniversary of my hearing loss. and i can hear. so . there is that.
it'll make it all a bit sweeter, even as i try to get all the errands done that I've put off in hopes of doing them without children. . . and now, we tackle banks, groceries, libraries and herbstores with 2, two cranky penned-up, pent-up children.

blessed be the poor in spirit for they shall inherit the earth.  i'm going to give away all my money today, so that i can be blessed in spirit and not kill the children. think it'll work?