Monday, February 7, 2011

Jazz Hands...*edited...

the show was awesome, totally incredible.  Upon the opening scene, with the appearance of a giraffe-man, i was in tears.  I'm so thrilled that I got to see a piece of art, creativity, genius and beauty, in performance. I wanted to jump into it, had to hold back the three year old from jumping into it... that was amazing. amazing. amazing. jazz hands for all.
(the kids did allright, the five perfectly still during the deathscene and the three only needed to be taken out twice, in a three hour performance, thats astounding... E3 was a bit confused about when Simba was going to turn into a real Lion... wheh. )

Today I am annoyed, and I think the emotions behind it are exhaustion- too much activity this weekend, and anxiety- C5 had to be taken to his classroom by his principal because he didn't want to go to school and leave his dad. 

I do think he's fine when he's there.- but he's having more and more struggle (and so are we all, consequently) with leaving home for school... while i love the egowash of good mommy-longing, i can't fool myself and feel all warm and cozy that my kid is having some sort of regression these days. I feel all his vulnerability and sadness, all the time I think of him.  Is it problematic to wish him a 'toughening'? slight? I think probably. Baby is five. tiny boy baby. blagh. it certainly did not help for him to be out of school for four days last week because of the hellious snowfall. (not hellious at all, really, but i did get tired of not having a car or steady drive-around time) so. I used to be able to fool myself, when did that change?

I'm also trying to cut down on my sugar, as I think it is making me itchy, and I am finding no joy in any eating prospects. what the hell.   I WANT JUJU FISH. is that so wrong? and just in case you wonder? coffee with honey really doesn't cut it.
jazz hands again, although slightly more sarcastic. . .

*editor's note. i scarfed toast with nutella... i'm thinking the hazelnuts counteract the sugar, no? yes? plus, i got a kid back from school with a screaming headache. yes? no? wahwah.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

So happy you all enjoyed the show! Very, very cool!

Vivi has been going through a lot of regression lately and I learned that this is pretty common for children who know that big changes are coming but don't have much of a sense of time. In our case, it's kindergarten. In your case, maybe it is the move?

Kate Hall said...

ms.mmqc.. i think that is possibly brilliant. . . i will have to investigate further...