Monday, February 28, 2011

Teresa Teresa Wherefore Art Thou, Teresa...

Still making my way through Teresa of Avila's life, still avoiding the War and Peace project, just stopped mid-sentence in the book of Job... am ON this read-a-lot thing... shure.
I have just survived the week of school vacation...the slow recurrent desparation of it all.
And now, one kid back to routine? one left home? only one? I am fighting a very large case of boredom and have SERIOUSLY fallen off the no-sugar wagon... I've fallen right into the gorge yourself until the food spills out of your ears category.  It really is an extraordinary category, i must say.  Feels like shit. never let it be said otherwise. shit. There is some time period when girls are roughly 12-15 when its a funny thing to do, maybe its 'naughty' because it isn't our food in the first place?... to sneak food, to pilfer the goods... to buy one's first hostess cupcake and eat it for lunch in place of mum's homemade bread with pickles sandwich...

but it ain't fun no more. its just shit.

Teresa of Avila lived in a nunnery after she was 16, i think... If I'm incorrect it is because it was earlier.  No such opportunity presented itself.  No Hostess Cupcakes on sale for a dollar a pack, right at the checkout counter... no checkout counters at the nunnery, methinks.
I think the world of her, so far, although I giggle like a school girl still, at what she calls her own sins.  She'd burn right up if she could live in some of my more cherished memories... I might too if I linger too long back there... ( i know, i know, i like to hint and suggest way too much...but, oh, brother... i can still make myself blush.) She's very sweet. Its captivating to think about what her life must have been like.

She's got humility, beyond what is normal for today, and sometimes you want to tell her to stand up for herself, but it really isn't the point, i see.  she believes, and knows what she believes, and thats pretty damn stable, in the end.
She's a big one for 'KEEP THE FAITH!' cheering, and I like that, can even picture the nunnery costumes all aflow in the cheer... 'KEEP TRYING'... 'YOU"RE ON THE RIGHT PATH!!', 'GO, TEAM, GO!!'...

I think I'm in love. I'm happy with the feeling. definitely better than being full.. too much, too much... the cheer remains much longer than the cupcake, and I'm very thankful I've got my cheer on. (well, at least I know where to go looking for it... just have to turn that way... )