Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lions and Aslan and more... oh my ...

We're going to see a production of the Lion King tomorrow and we are awash in all things lion here. The kids haven't seen the movie but we got a book from the library yesterday so the kids would learn about Scar, badguys and the death of a dad and recovery from that... my five year old is going through some sort of emotional wreckage stage and can hardly wrest himself from the tears when he is thwarted at any moment. it can go on for what seems like hours. things are thrown, names are called, threats are made. Its pretty awesome to see and WAY more awesome to live through.  Honestly, he's so sad behind all that - I can usually hold my shit together for long enough to wait out the crap til he gets to the weepy huggy thing at the end.  I just cannot understand where it is all coming from... so much vulnerability.
Anywho. the Lion King gets it in the movie/book/show and so I'm trying to expose C to the idea before we get there so that he can suffer it to get through to the rest of the adventure... I'm hoping to subtly thwart a public tantrum of sadness and to encourage a 'bear it' attitude to get through to the joy and achievement of the 'resurrection of the boy King'
ogh. brother.  The younger one has a lion named Aslan, because he loves lions, believes himself to be one most days and we are all over the lion motifs.... all over it.  Guess who Aslan represents in c.s.lewis world? yerp.
Can I get a whoop whoop?

a bit much, no? I'm awash in analogy and parable and mothering. what up, Dude?


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Can't wait to hear about the show! I saw it many years ago and thought the puppetry was amazing.