Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ducks in a row

We're moving. well, we're leaving, that much is true. There are tenants coming into this house June 1st. which happens to be a wednesday... but whatever. They will be amazing, they will paint, they will garden, they will tend.  I am happy for them to have this house, and I am happy for me that they will be here for two years and the house will be warm and will help grow a new family.  happy.
we don't officially have a place to go.  my mom has opened her house to us, but there isn't one of our own, big 5 will have to be carted half hour to school each morning and ASK me if I think this will help his behaviour. go ahead.
BUT, the bank has given us a go-ahead to buy a house, even without selling this peach. so- that is AMAZING. amazing.
AND, we have an adjustable rate mortgage on this peach that begins its first adjustment this may. and it adjusted DOWN. what the hay, you say? me too. four hundred dollars down per month.  There is some secret conspiracy towards joy going on over here, and i'm the last to catch on... sheesh. happy to be on the train at last.
There is a house we love but the man owning it does not really seem to want to let us have it. and that is okay, maybe pointing us in the direction of the house that IS to be made into something amazing. so, there are these things, there is an obsession with Diego that is keeping the little all busy and occupied and talking about kowatis- what the hell is that?! anyhow.
so we are moving, moving, moving.
what are you doing?


Jen said...

Congratulations! This is all very exciting and happy and adventuresome. I can't wait to see where this leads you.