Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's talk weather... because that is how exciting I am.

It certainly is cold here.  But the sun makes up for the cold in many ways... the ground is warming ever so slightly... the patches of ice are dwindling and the snowplow piles that towered a week ago are few and far between today... The squirrel gorged himself on my birdfeed this morning and I was bummed, but tried to look on the bright side and got as far as... well, at least the squirrel is well fed.... not as substantial a gratitude as I might have hoped for. . .ha. . . not going to make the list, lets just say.  holding out for the cardinals.

Seriously, its cold. Arent' you glad I foisted my petard (pitard?sp?) upstairs to get into the posting thing? hm?
Everything feels sort of deflated, but . waiting. . . I feel quiet and wish everyone else could just keep it down.
I am waiting and everyone and everything around me is aflame with my waves of wait.  It is not killing me, or them. we're okay.  My 5 is sort of freaky in the behavior world still and today we take a break from friends coming by and from his 30 minutes of gameplay because of his behavior last night. And while I hate to seclude him, I think the bug needs the time off from his social proclivities. and I think that I need to figure out how to lock the computer from him. It is bad for him, and the end has arrived.  I just don't know how to go about it. I imagine figuring it out technically will be a snap.  How to explain it? little less smooth.

oh go on, go read something more jazzy. go on. 

(and dear god, someone else 'follow' me, i have 13 followers and it cannot be allowed to stay that way!)**DONE!!


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I couldn't figure out how to block anything on my computer. If I could, my husband would be spending a hell of a lot less money at Gardner's Supply Co.

I agree with you about the weather. The sun does me good. The temperature does not. I want to retire my booger-covered fleece jacket but it's too damn cold in this house without it.

Owen A said...

k; despite there being several things I'm tempted to reply to; this only is in re: "foisted my petard (pitard?sp?)"
and being lazy(ish), I'm answering w/ links:

perhaps over assiduous on my part...

Anonymous said...

I follow you, only I am not on google so there's not really a way for me to register or something.

Want to talk about rain? I got lots of it. Also not exciting. I did however order us, not one, but two bottles of liquid vitamin D. It will not get here soon enough, that is for sure.

Kate Hall said...

o, you da petard.

Jen said...

I'm in love with O and Urban Craft and you. I have so much love! really. I just like you guys and wish you could come to my house and have chicken enchiladas and margaritas and we could laugh a lot. wouldn't that be weird, interesting, AWESOME! oh and Mama Mama you are too come along too and bring those kids, man. please.....!

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Wait, what? I am invited some place WITH my children?! Holy crap. A new day has dawned!