Friday, March 11, 2011

Truth? Yeah, I think thats yours...

*warning, lots of caps for emphasis to follow...
Somehow or other this keeps popping up for me in the blogworld, but also the actual one.  I'm not sure about the ideas of absolute truths. . . things which are true for ALL... I'm just not sure. . . I DO, for sure, know that lots and lots of people think what they say is true for ALL or SHOULD BE. . . I'm sure that I've been guilty of it in my time, positive. . . but even those things which I think are PROBABLY true are really just true for me, just me.  and maybe, maybe they are true for someone else too, but maybe with a couple of words switched back and forth or a slightly different emphasis. 
The point? I don't really know.  Its Friday, I'm exhausted from all the fever-induced sleepless nights and the wild trip of getting C to see Chakra Carol.  It was something, he was a devil to get out of the house, and a dreamy angel on the table.  He was visibly at peace, sometimes thoughtfilled and sometimes almost weepy, all in quietude and rest. . . He is still tantrumming daily multiple times but seems to have a better access to some vocabulary and they SEEM to be slightly shorter in duration.  This may be because I have more patience for that particular boy's tantrums after watching him at Carol's.  The kid looks so vulnerable, so little.  How can I want to rip his head off so regularly? HOW?!
Mothering/Parenting IS EXHAUSTING.  Is that TRUE?!

The whole 'TRUTH' game seems to hold in it judgement and condescension.  Do you think maybe I'm feeling vulnerable and little too? agh.

Flip flap fiddlefaddle. My brain is mush. I'll see you later, gator.


Jen said...

Absolutely TRUE. That has to be a universal truth. It is my TRUTH. I am exhausted, I too am vulnerable. My brain is mush. You speak the truth.

And, I know everything I "blite" (my new word for blog writing" is my truth but I wouldn't wish it on anyone else (well some of it I would.) It is my truth.

Peace, friend. Proud of C for finding the words, that's the first step on the journey. Words good.

Kate Hall said...

hey gator. peace out, to you too... (i'm scared of 'blite', don't think i'm going to scoop that one up... :)

The Maven said...

Truth: Today, I picked up a tantruming 8-year-old Gutsy, carried him in his tshirt through the rain and slush, put him in the van, and drove him to school while he screamed at me because he didn't want to go. I felt like the worst mother in the world, but what could I do? Just let him stay home - again - for no reason other than he doesn't want to go? Of course he had a great day, and came home and said "I forgive you" to me with a hug. Uh, thanks?

Motherhood is exhausting and does not let up for years and years. But there are wonderful moments in between, thankfully. Ugh.