Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You can ring my bell... ell. ell.

I'm apologizing to the multiple people who read and expect to be entertained. multiple of two, i believe, however irrelevantly... I'm sort of out of my body with all the rush rush hurry paper sign rush pull copy wait wait wait. . . and I've surrendered (moment by moment this struggle continues) sometimes to the idea that I can't control much of this process, if any... and it seems so simply a matter of doing tasks and sending them out into the world and waiting and if i were talking to someone else about THEIR lives, it would seem so simple.

make some tea, do the laundry. . . watch the wonder3 take his nap... make some more tea. put some stuff in a box. think about supper. put the box downstairs. sweep the stairs.  look out for the cardinals.  throw that plastic bag in the trash. put the honey away. check the mailbox, the real one. walk past the book stack. take the compost out. decide that the precious strawberries have 'gonepast'. take more compost out. sweep the floor. pick up the dinosaur off the floor. sweep.


Jen said...

How did you get ahold of my "this is what I do everyday" list? I've been looking all over the place for it!!! Except for the compost, mine is frozen because it's STILL FREAKING SNOWING HERE!