Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hear Hear Har Har Har

the blasted hearing aide of my dreams has given up the ghost... it lies in a shallow unmarked box at the bottom of my purse. if you ask me to be entirely rid of it i will call upon miss havisham to 'do away' with you and your untimely remarks. ceaseless meddling. ceaseless.
so don't.
while an unremarkably demonic digital aide makes its way to me via postman, i am armed with the same style of hearing aide i wore until i was roughly 15, a behind the ear champion of all things large and bulky. and it hurts my ear to wear, and i feel myself developing lockjaw as i move my whole face differently while talking, sitting.  it makes me list to one side when walking. I'm not kidding.
add to the physical challenge of the 2 oz. devil the emotional toil of trying to adjust to sounds all over again, again. sounds, do you know how fucking many of them there are?! do you?
so so many. i am exhausted by all the sounds i just don't care about. i want kid voices, and hubsJ voices and impending crash sounds and waking children sounds and really, thats it.  i don't want coat rustles, sneaker squeaks (unless they're on the countertops again...), i don't want key strokes, not even doorbells... just voices and impending dangers. is that so flipping hard?
I want to be called for jury duty so I can go give a judge the true, real story of why I cannot sit on a jury of my peers.  I want my day in court.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Are you sure you want the voices? Those are always the ones I am trying so damn hard to get out of my head!

Kate Hall said...

I'm sure I want the voices. I want it all, really, but wish I had more choice in what I got.... ah... wish...