Friday, April 15, 2011

Last Night- a post of nothing and something...*

Last night, I confess, I had the desire to drink copious amounts of alcohol, as in, totally blitzed. .  . I also confess that, all humor aside, I really never feel that way, I don't.
But I wrote a lot of checks last night, and signed a lot of papers and fed my kids delivered pizza and waited for the realtor to give me more cause to write more and to sign more. I watched a Jackie Chan movie.
and I did not, in fact, drink copious amounts of anything. . . but I had a beer before dinner with a plate of cheese and crackers, none of which I shared with anyone.  i was the only adult at home and you now know the sordid truth behind/about my depravity. . . cheesehound?... a giant block of storebrand cheddar. I'm talking, crazy. crazy.

I am, we are... well on the way to owning a new house, in another town,  a house with a tire swing... a new septic... and a windmill. a windmill. its yellow, and white and wildly wildy. someday I might even have a picture to show you, should all the stars gather their forces to keep me sane while i live with my mother for a whole month {uh, make that TWO. damn septic.} while we wait for the new septic to exist, and for the house's occupants to move on out. a month.{again, TWO.} We four will fit into a guest room and oh, yes, the dog and the cat as well. hm.
windmill. white and yellow. breakfast nook. sunlight streaming.
just keep on keeping on...