Monday, April 18, 2011

I love my post-title choices.

(yes, the irony in today's choice is clear.) :)
I love inserting dashes between words and letting them become new. I love that my hubsJ has taken my 5 for a night to NYcity to see the lego store and the museum of natural history. I love that I am getting a chance to be deaf again because of a hearing aide collapse instead of a anatomical one.  I love that. the difference is astonishing. I love that my 3 is happy taking a bath alone for the first time in 2 years. . . I love that when I go to start a new post I've got generally no idea what is about to follow. I love that when I put my cursor in the Title box, all of the titles I have ever typed, align themselves neatly below. So today I find... 'somebody get grammie on the phone, please. . . and ...ramble on, woman... and ... askew... '.
these are cool. maybe i am?  words are.

I love that our house is in a shambles, will be again, forevermore perhaps. I love this orange sweater that I'm wearing, even the pills on its sleeves. I love wearing sweaters as it starts to get warmer... I love that boys these days wear those skinny pants with the saggy butts that look so much like denim mc.hammerpants that I can hardly stand it. I love that Shredder is so fantastically plasticized. (I love that I know that Shredder is the badguy in the old Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles series form 87-89). I love that he is resting his bones near my garlic and my paper towels. I love paper towels, but feel sad that I do. (paper, paper, trash, trash. linen! laundry. eh. ) I love that I have been ignoring my three to type here and now I will go face my punishment. my consequence. it may be dire. I'll let you know.