Tuesday, December 13, 2011

hoo.wee. hooey.


hong kong phooey.


I have a child entering the terrible twos and this same child will turn 4 in two days. I guess I'm gobsmacked.  He's creative, intelligent, verbal... spends his days on legos and 'traps' for badguys.  Sleeps well and always has...
and he's a runner..
and a climber, as in, on his father's back during a supposedly 'quiet' Meeting worshiptime. almost kicked over the advent candles. yep. he runs from the adults watching him during firstday school (sunday school), he disappears from the playground at preschool...
and it is not the adults watching him at fault, except that we all should have him on a leash at this point. most likely, somehow, it is me. evidently i just don't know how to break his spirit..- i'm not finding the consequence which is dire enough to make him stop the bolt.  it is a mixture of embarassment and a much larger portion of befuddlement and concern about how the hell to stop him from running into the road, getting lost, or downright broken in his dashes.
in my head, i'm all over my husband for his 'inconsistency', too much 'roughhousing', not enough 'parenting'... but i bet that would be there regardless of what the behavior was, or really, what was going on .  i think that in hubsJ's case, its his gender getting in the way....
whatever.  i love hubsJ but don't like many characteristics of the Man in America and find I bump into that sometimes in my very own house. so there it is.

*Just wanted to add some visual stimulation to the humdrum of the post... The photo is of the very last Grammie quilt to be made by your truly, not my colors or anything, and even too formally blocked but hers, found in her things unfinished, my aunt recognized one of the fabrics as a shirt she once wore... so I will be making a throw quilt of Grammie.... ah.  Just have to iron one more time and the top is done.  Six weeks from now I'll be moving on to that... :) ah, Christmas... the season of waiting and preparing is really knocking me down this time... so be it. (like i have any choice.)
rock it.