Monday, December 19, 2011

No one is home.

I did not plan this..

This was a busy weekend, full of an arrival, a birthday, a party, a party, another party, a few fish tacos, some sickness un-related to the tacos which were incredible if spicy, in-laws of all varieties, cancellations, and a few showings of 'Rudolph'.  I'm so tired, I could cry. in fact, i probably will.
The crazy is all upon us.  The 4 year old has a crotchety cold and will watch tv all day.  I think I'm punky because of all the late nights in a row but there is also this desire to get my family in line somehow, to be conscious of our quiet times and to cultivate the feeling of a snowed-in time.  Celebrating the darkness that is me, that is here, makes the lights that much brighter. 
Someone else in my hubsJ's family referred to me as a wallflower this weekend. that would be rather coincidental if it didn't match my feeling of being overwhelmed by the confluence of controlling voices.  . . . have I ever mentioned that I am quiet?  heh.  I do speak my mind, when called to, but sometimes can feel backed into a corner by my sometimes contrary desire. 
AH, the joys of the season. 
I'm hunting them down as I hide by the computer.  :) 
It'll all be fine.  just wait and see.  it always is.


Kate Hall said...

well, first a pipe will burst and a very nice plumber will visit... and THEN it'll be fine... !

Noel said...

I think a wallflower is someone who longs to be more visible but is afraid to take the first step. Not you, in my opinion. Not that it was asked for, but since people seem to be defining you, I put in my oar. I am often quiet because I get tired sometimes of talking or because I want to hear and mull over what has been said.One might respond to the comment - wallflower with one of my favorite quotes, "Better to be thought a silent fool than to open your mouth and forever remove all doubt." No idea where it came from, I got it from my grandmother, a witty often quiet woman. Feel free to regard or disregard any of the above.

Kate Hall said...

thanks noel. I hardly ever :) disregard what you say, lady. thanks.