Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sparkle Sparkle Cucough...

We will very shortly all be down for the count with a large, movable and yet, brooding cough.  Someone will pee their pants while coughing.  The 6 will miss his classroom christmas party and hubsJ will infect everyone he sees at work. Funny how sick people don't let their docs get sick.  such an interesting redundancy... well, he's Already sick... mah.   I have stopped talking for the most part and am hoping the massive honey dosing that I am doing will help me carry the boat through the water this week.  We had a pipe burst yesterday and I used up all my energy running around figuring that one out.  All fine. staining, sure, but fine and fixed. I love plumbers and people like them who know what the hell they are doing and do not run around turning off every machine in the basement because this girl didn't know which one was the water... (to be fair to myself, i know the boiler is the boiler. but does it send out water too? huh. when in doubt shut it off.)
And isn't that the way it is usually? All sparkles and light mixed up with the dark.  How could you see them otherwise?  Wasn't a baby born in a donkeystall? How delightful to see something so clean in that muck. 
Went on a large grocery shop this morning, and during this season of sick.. I always feel like I am shopping to survive armageddon.... jars upon jars of spaghetti sauce and its pasta.  Snacks. tons.  a pot roast. chicken nuggets.  Decorations for cookies, cocoa, more pasta and some orange juice for those without sore throats. . . more pasta.
we are ready. someone ask Santa for a blizzard once hubsJ gets home, allright?

see you soon.