Thursday, December 29, 2011

hummy tummy...

I'm looking to clean house. in so many many ways. 
In a body-begun purge, I see the makings of redemption.  The bloat of the aftermath of Christmas is here, and nothing fits. nothing.
Today I've cracked the journal, done yoga and meditated and so I call it a clear win. for everyone, although until the house is emptied of the sweettreats that arrived over the past week, we are still in dire straights. 
If anyone had asked me last week if I was pregnant, I would have coyly answered that I just didn't know... this week? I know that I am not. ... and I acknowledge that I have gained a tremendous amount of weight and have the plates and plates of cookies and breads and so ons that have crossed our threshold. 'tremendous' being my word, and not yours, although the belly I am sporting could have been mistaken for one of early pregnancy, thats all I'm saying.   I am not going to diet, I am going to eat my way to the end of the day and start again in the morning... and perhaps I will  make it a more important part of my week to plan food options again.... to eradicate this overly snack oriented cabinet I've got going on.  (double entendre there, did you catch it? cabinet? junk? trunk? oh.)
There is a time for all things, and the time has arrived for vegetables. truckloads of them. 
bring it on.