Monday, December 5, 2011

I got throw-up on my barefeet this morning.
Just wanted you to know.
Pleasant surprise, no, but a pleasant day while the mopey watches tv and I clean up after what seems to have been a very long couple of weeks.  I'm seriously considering cancelling the cable again, I cannot get over how much commercialism and grotesquery there is on the tube.  Don't tell hubsj, he may have to go somewhere else for sports.  Even Pbs is hocking mcdonalds. . . and while i miss me some big mac action, i won't buy their food anymore unless there is literally no other 'food' for miles.  I read FastFoodNation and now I can't pretend I haven't. Its over.
It isn't that hard to simplify, to get things done. Its just a matter of starting, and sometimes that is the asskicker, and yes, that pisses me off. but not deeply, just makes me yell at myself too much. I prefer the yelling to the sniping anyday.
and here I am, not simplifying, not getting things done.  here I am, again.
yell yell yell.



Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I never went back after Fast Food Nation either. We don't have cable but our 1955 antenna on the roof seems to be enough to handle M's need to watch mindless sports.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

OH, and can I tell you that Mark Brody MD messed up my blog so now I am posting as him.

Nancy said...

Once you know, you can never not know. I'm sorry about your feet. Truly.

Oh, and a simulcast doesn't hurt nearly as much as a plastercast. But you can see the reruns on your local PBS (gotta have TV for that) the week before Christmas.