Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Town pays its debts...

My town also gets new debt. but it pays its bills and I am glad the choices are made as they are.  Went to my first ever town meeting last night, and this skinflint town was feeling very generous, and money was awarded to everyone who asked for it. Give the man his new plows!  Give the Superintendent of Schools the money to pay his pcb removal bills! Give the Veterans their surprisingly (just because there are now so many more than years past..) large expense account!  Give the beach committee the money for a compostable toilet!  WEEHAW!! I loved it.  LET YOUR YEAS BE YEAS AND YOUR NAYS BE NAYS.  Its a Quaker ideal, let your words speak plainly the desires of your heart.. (which of course is led by the light of Christ.) love me some Quaker-ness.

there is still some democracy after all.  and it is fun to play with money like that. hoowee.

I think that having an extra two nickels to rub together lately is some sort of inner tidal change for me.  I am in this weird limbo wherein I think that all people in my position should be throwing money in all directions, not haphazardly but neighborly-like, so that the burden of the rest should be eased.  thats what i think. and i'm not saying that to people who do not have the extra nickels, just those who do. the burden of the rest should be eased. call me nurse expenditure. (if that rolls off your tongue, you let me know.)

I'm not sure why the millionaire politicians are not in my boat, but they clearly aren't on my ocean of gratitude and responsibility. I'm not sure its worth any time to point this out to them.  Make your donations count. Give to your food bank, give to your senior center, give to your church/synogogue/temple/unitarian things. GIVE.
you'll be amazed by what you'll receive.

merry christmas! happy baby birthings! happy baby growings! happy waiting! HAPPY!

(no, i'm not pregnant. just full.)