Monday, April 4, 2016

Trump is a boss. (already been said, yes.)

already been said.

Donald Trump is a boss.  He’s not a particularly good one, but he is a clear boss.  He says what he thinks, no matter how ignorant, and has never needed to think about consequences ever, because he has never been a worker, only a boss.
I think the reason so many people like him, despite his obvious, and horrible foibles,  is that bosses are comfortable, even bad ones.  They are TV characters, life story characters, we all know them, we’ve all had them. (everyone but Trump).
IT is good to have someone damn the torpedos, and fly straight into the fray, and it is good to say what you feel, in anger and frustration.  These things ARE good. They ARE.  Especially if they say what you are feeling... liberation!!

But the truth is? Its too simple, even for Americans.  The world, even our little pieces of it, is more complicated than a boss who ‘cuts through the shit’. 
Americans all get one vote, money aside… so we are all the BOSS.  And since we know this to be true, we KNOW that we have to work as a group, whatever that group might be, in order to make our votes heard. That just doesn’t work if one person is only content to yell and scream insults and never, actually, work. We know this, because we have worked. We have had bosses, and we have had to fit into a group.   Internationally, America is not in a Boss position, we are one of a powerful group, but we need to actually work to keep peaceful power, to keep connection.  It is ACTUAL WORK, DONE BY ACTUAL PEOPLE, WHO DO THAT WORK.

We’re all the boss, and someone like Trump can’t work in that system, because he sees us as people who work FOR him, and he can’t help it, he’s a product of the privilege that comes with gargantuan wealth.  The man has bankrupted FOUR businesses, for christsakes, you think people who ‘WORK’ would choose to do that FOUR TIMES!?
He is never ‘won’ anything because he’s never been on a level playing field in the first place.  He’s ALWAYS had all the best equipment, the refs in his pocket and the crowd full of fans.  Good for him.  He has led a blessed life.  

But in charge of the American destiny?  No thank you.  We need people who understand what it is to work, to sometimes lose, and to get back up again, just to get back to work.