Tuesday, May 26, 2009

AH, chill

there's a wonderfully cool breeze this morning as I prepare to go beg for health insurance for my kids. Our health insurance runs out at the end of june as hubby gets the boot. Yes, we hope to have a somewhat drastic reversal (again) of income by the fall but this summer is going to be one of extreme economic constraint. One of the losses is insurance, and we just can't swing even the most dire-case payments per month. So, off we go to apply to the state. Its a crushing blow to my selfsufficiency that I am BACK on the dole. Was on WIC for my first pregnancy and early newborn stuff while J. was in school and was hoping never to enter the delerious beurocracy again. Our credit cards still function so they will get their kicks all summer. I've joked about it but we are seriously buying lottery tickets once a week as our token ticket to the universal hope jones. we'll see how it goes. gotta have hope. gotta.
My hope is that the kids will fit into the state insurance bucket and that J. and I will just coast for the summer with no drastic health needs.

Its a kick in the ass and incredibly depressing to get back into the 'system' yet again. Not only are you kept waiting with your children in a mostly unkidfriendly place but when you finally get in, the man doesn't look at you or speak while he fills in the copious forms with all of the identifications you are required to provide. Aren't we all in the same boat? worry, struggle and so on? Its all so broken. pile of pipes in the yard.
I don't usually eat to salve my wounds but I already took the kids out for fast food and now am seriously on the hunt for solid carbohydratedcheeses covered comfort. I'll be off to the store right now for a block of Velveeta to make a multi-generationally comforting pile of oooldschool mac as soon as the kids awake.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I hope it all works out. I seriously considered divorcing my hubbie when we lost our insurance so I could qualify for medicaid. Alas, we're still married, paying through the nose for insurance, and STILL PRAYING NOONE GETS SICK. Uuuh!

Amanda said...

Yikes, that's a scary position to be in and I hope you can work it all out :-(