Saturday, May 2, 2009

Doctor's wife

I've written before about not talking about my spouse and I'm not going to. but I am a Doctor's wife and that (while freaky) is part of a package for many people, and its lately been brought to my attention that I have certain prioritizing problems when it comes to patients. hmm. what does that mean? Well. I have lots of friends who are patients of my husband. friends, associates, neighbors, etc. . . I have friend's children as patients of my husband. I have friend's HUsbands who are patients of my husband. And while I don't know anything I shouldn't know or anything at all about that really, outside of what the friends themselves tell me... there it is. AND GUESS WHAT, FRIENDS? I am, starting now, placing my desires/needs/wants OVER your health and wellness. How does that sound? My kids and MY family win out when dealing with MY husband, who happens to be YOUR doctor. hm.

sounds so shitty.

but I challenge anyone to imagine themselves saying different.

when I develop a routine, which I should have done three years ago maybe, I am going to post what are 'family hours' and then anyone who gets sick at that time will just have to suck it up or go to the emergency room. AND family hours may include weekends. . . so there.

I suppose I should notify my husband of these changes. probably.