Tuesday, May 5, 2009

repetition repetitions

slight changes in the quality of an act do not neccessarily change the repetitious nature of said act.

I saw my sister-in-laws study notebook for 'the bar' and truly never want to see it again, the scrittle scrawl of intertwining sets of logic and fact and what she needs to keep track of in order to pass this exam are simply too much for my palate to absorb.. and while i don't want to absorb, I feel like some elements of my personal life are nothing but repetitious arguments in front of an empty bench. no judge sits in situ to help guide us to an end. the scrittlescrawl of my personal relationships sucks. i'm not sure i'm qualified to continue the debate and I am utterly exhausted by the meaninglost in repetition.

we need a new breeze.

i think i may be developing a dread of the summer. what am i going to do with the boys in this heat? My urban dwelling becomes an actual sauna and there is no wind of change in the short term. I have been dressing the boys in footie pajamas the last two nights and looking at them fondly and looking forward to when I can do it again. . . ? rargha.