Monday, May 18, 2009


My nearly eighteen month old just announced, 'bob'. and thats his first try at something besides 'ma, ma, ma..' which seems to stand for all things. all. so, bob is a big step forward and I'm very curious about what the hell it is going to be.

this is the same child who has not slept a full night since his birth, and when he is sleeping, finds it most comfortable to be perpendicular to the nearest adult...otherwise he is a serious zen master.

my nearly four year old asked me this morning what would happen to him if I (the mom) went to God while he and his brother and father stayed here. ITs a mind-blowing world. I did tell him he'd be okay, Daddy would take care of him and a list of women would be here to give him love. It was a nice list to make on the way to preschool but left me driving very carefully and feeling a bit shaken by potential, i suppose. It is a mind-blower.

I'm glad that I can hear, more than glad. I do say thank you all the time and it is never far from my mind, either in worry or in gratitude. I'm glad that I have found some prayerful aspect to my self again, I hope for more than simple lottery tickets, I wish Aslan could keep me company during the daylight hours. I am working on it. I am working on it.