Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Cleanse*

A 10 Day Cleanse.  No wheat, no sugar, no caffeine, no dairy.  10 days. What to say about it?  It was good, makes me feel good, I learned to cook again, use the food in my fridge, feed my kids something besides pretzels after school .  Ate great meat.
Lost my mind, found it again.  Felt hungry, fed myself  healthy snacks. Love the almonds. Realized the reasons I've never been on a real diet are that I am really fairly stubborn.  Probably didn't lose any weight but got back into yoga which is something akin to finding your favorite sweater on the first chilly morning in the fall.  Ate a little bit slower, ate some really good tasting stuff.  Got into smoothies, with kale in them.  I know. I know.  Turns out when they're all zipped up, they're just green... even the kids drank the green smoothie. so good. Learned how damn sweet bananas really are. Took responsibility for my own food, because it matters what I put into my body, because my body matters, because I do.
Figured out how much better brown rice is for you. shocking. also, that China makes 95% of the world's supply of rice.  hm.
Felt calmer, less run down, more able to keep my peace when the children were losing theirs.  Even one day of that would have been worth it, but I had several.  It is always good to feel good. and it should be an everyday thing.

Drank a lot of water... sometimes with a slice of lemon, which served to make me feel dainty and privileged every morning.  Drank a lot of tea, with a lot of honey.  really liked it.

On Day Eleven. could have made me a pot of gloriously hot coffee to eat with the bagel slathered in cream cheese. Didn't.  Stuck with my lemon water daintiness and my tea.  Got some coffee this afternoon but it has made me tired, is making my mouth taste yuck and I think I will not finish it.  huh. May make some more tea.
Ate a bunch of chickpeas for lunch and dipped some bread in it.  I think that I will eat much less of the wheat, I'm not feeling all freshlike with it in my belly.  No bagels, no bread.  I'll be allright.
(But boyo, tonights pasta will be covered with cheese and paired with cheese and please keep your fingers crossed that my one true love will love me back.  )

good. it was good.

*The cleanse was 'led' by Ms. Hannah Marcotti and you can find her here:  Hannah's Harvest


D&d said...


Kate Hall said...

Hey D&D! I didn't think I had 'sensitivities' at all, and turns out, I feel like crap now because I've been eating so much cheese. damnit. the lines become more clear i think, with a clear playing field (i.e. cleanse...) hope you are well!

D&d said...

we are very well but I have to say when I read you I do miss your family terribly. glad to hear about your new house, we are back in MP in our old new house. would love love love a visit with you - with or without cheese. I am tempted to do the same - an elimination - to find out how good I would feel without the dairy and the gluten - but I fear what I may find.


love to J. and C and E.
really -- visit. soon.